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About Bangladeshi Experience| Best Podcast in Bangladesh

In Bangladeshi Experience| Best Podcast in Bangladesh, two of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs of the country, Rafy Hossain and Tahmidur Rahman take on the trendy yet generalised topics from all around the globe, and dissect them from this South Asian green nation’s perspective. And more often than not, they dive into this quest accompanied with another fellow inspirational podcaster or guests to stimulate the topics in a further intellectual dive. The Bangladeshi Experience podcasts reveal powerful stories, strategies, and “secrets” for growing  as a person in the context of a Bangladeshi Citizen. Enjoy the best podcast in Bangladesh | The Banlgadeshi Perspective for free on all digital platforms!

Tahmidur Rahman

Tahmidur Rahman


Rafy Hossain

Rafy Hossain


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Bangladeshi Experience| Best Podcast in Bangladesh

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TBE offers common sense life and money tips. This is how to turn things around. Therefore, It’s personal finance and money management made simple. This is a plan anyone from South Asia can work. Where do you want to see yourself in future? As a result, you can get there from here.

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In Bangladeshi Experience| Best Podcast in Bangladesh, we are not afraid to deep dive in search of truth and knowledge and we believe no topic is out of our reach while contributing to the best podcast in Bangladesh! Our goal is to offer consistent quality across all of our genres, so if you feel like you can contribute to our journey feel free to communicate that motto to us. And we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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Best Story telling podcast in Bangladesh

BEST Story Telling Podcast Series in BangladeshI By BANGLADESHI Experience!Bangladeshi Experience| Best Podcast in Bangladesh

These podcasts often take a deep dive into a topic-it might be a recent business scandal or even murder  investigation in Bangladesh or all around the globe  or a tech trip to Mars-or may just a trip in CoxsBazaar and unfold the subject in a compelling, carefully structured way by delving into the characters and events that keep you listening through. As a result, they can be told in multiple episodes, or each episode can tell a story in its own right. For instance, more often than not they will have a powerful storyline, interesting characters and a strong structure! Feel free to be part of the Best podcast in Bangladesh!


How would your life change if you reached Financial Independence and reached the point where optional work is possible? Hence,  what actions you can take today to make that not only possible but likely. Tahmidur & Rafy are investigating the strategies used by the TBE community to regain decades of their lives. They discuss spending reduction, debt crushing, tax optimisation, building passive income streams through businesses and real estate, and how to travel the world free of charge. Each episode is packed with actionable tips and no topic is too big or too small, as long as it accelerates the process of financial independence.

Interviews and CURRENT AFFAIR PODCAST SERIES IN BANGLADESH By the Bangladeshi ExperienceBangladeshi Experience| Best Podcast in Bangladesh

!In this Bangladeshi Experience series Tahmidur and Rafy interview some of the brightest minds in science , technology, economics, politics and culture as he uncovers the secret forces that drive the world’s most important changes. They ‘re also plunging into the stories behind some of the best known businesses in the world. This series focuses on the narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists — and the moves they built up. The series of Bangladeshi Experience Interview also features businessmen who have been very successful in raising capital or having their company acquired. Join the Best podcast in Bangadesh!

Bangladeshi Experience| Best Podcast in Bangladesh- The only podcast in the world which boasts two separate Bangla and English Series!

We don’t want any part of our community to fall out due to language barrier! Hence we are creating dual-streamed series of both Bangla and English speaking podcast, so our content can be reached globally!

How Bangladeshi Experience Works

We are not just a podcast experience, we have weekly blogs and other media outlets to make you feel like your are being part of a vibrant community! You can join with us in several outlets and can be a part of our community aswell!

Bangladeshi Experience is more than just a podcast! And we mean it! TBE is a blog, its a community, its a social voice and its a gathering place of intellectual minds!

Society and Culture

Surprising tales about how our lives and society are influenced by the largest household name brands — for better or worse. Hosts Tahmidur and Rafy find, across history and culture, tales of misfortune, passion, curious stories, unintended consequences and unexpected success.



The world economy explained by Tahmidur and Rafy.  Imagine that you might call a friend and say, “To meet me in the bar and tell me what’s going on with the economy.” Imagine that this is really a pleasant evening while diving in economy!

News and Politics

Tahmidur and Rafy objectively in a subjective cloak talks about the current political climate of Bangladesh, strictly not limited, come on, eh ain’t the world is an oyster? 


Master the best of what others already have figured out. Here Tahmidur and Rafy discuss with today’s leading experts information from the deep well of world history – culture and ideas.

Financial Literacy

Through lowering your expenses and growing your salary to live life on your terms and spend more time on the things you enjoy, you help you become financially stable. This show of The ‘Bangladeshi Experience’ is the layman’s guide to basic personal finance, savings, taxation, frugal living, money saving, budgeting, entrepreneurship, freelancing, early retirement, financial freedom / independence, travel hacking, student loans, debt payouts, credit cards, real estate and life hacks.

The Bangladeshi Experience – The best podcast in Bangladesh

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Carlos Gil

Author, International Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur

Brenden Kumarasamy

Leading Communications Expert

Christine Neilsen

CEO, Contrast Results Group

Dr. Zachary Isrow

Leading Anthropology Expert

Philip Pelucha

CEO, Billionares in Boxers

Alex Williamns

Host, Mecho Radio, Podcaster, Content Creator

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